What Lack of Leadership does to an Organization

The following is from a guest blogger –

My most recent experience with poor management and communication skills is with an individual who was promoted to a high level operations position coming from a career strictly with Loss Prevention.

Unfortunately this experience informs almost everything flowing from the position. Accountability is a good thing in an organization but like everything it can be taken to excess. Within the operations group and through the field organization, audits and accountability sign-offs have gone from a monthly occurrence to weekly and now nearly daily. The very culture of the organization has changed dramatically over the course of six months. Not only does this individual operate from an LP perspective but they do not take any kind of criticism or questioning of decisions well.

Employees quickly learned that if even a small mistake is made there will be serious consequences. Further, if a policy or decision is brought up for discussion, everyone learned in a hurry (at the unfortunate expense of a few employees) that you may be subjected to a humiliating public shout-down followed by a couple weeks of prodding.

This abrasive and unproductive leadership style has resulted in poor morale in the workplace, a lack of important feedback from employees, a reduction in productivity, increased turnover and the implementation of programs and initiatives that have led to reduced revenues for the company. Several strategies have been rolled out with bad results that most employees saw coming but there is no longer the dynamic communication a healthy organization needs to be competitive and strong.

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